Imaginary Landscapes

Haven't been on this blog for a long while and wanted to show what I am up to at the moment.
Imaginary landscapes are my newest obsession.
I start by putting some washi tape or other stickers randomly on my page then I make some accidental marks on my paper with ink or watercolour, I turn my paper and let the paint run into different directions.

From these beginnings, I look at the forms and what they remind me of, trees and houses, mountains or bodies of water and I start bringing them out of the page. It is always surprising what kind of things emerge from the page. I will show more examples of the landscapes that I am imagining in the next few posts.

Frida Kahlo challenge

I can't really keep up with posting our weekly challenges, so many things are on my agenda at the moment but I try to wrap it up by posting our paintings for the Frida Kahlo challenge.

Picasso challenge

This week we checked out the master himself: the great Picasso... We ended up with three very different versions of how we emulated his style into our own pages

Gerhard Richter challenge

This week we choose the abstract painter Gerhard Richter for our Masters challenge. His paintings are sold for millions of dollars and he is one of the most expensive living artists. His style is very hard to copy so our interpretation of his works were a big challenge.Here are our results. I love them all and it was so much fun working like this that we all made a couple more paintings in the process.

Dali challenge

I admit Dali is not one of my favourite artists, so I was really reluctant to start with the challenge. I did look at a lot of his artworks and finally settled on the elephants, same as Lila. TheTanteTi took another of Dali's works and did her interpretation. All very unique and interesting. Next one is Keith Haring.

New Challenge

It's been a while, doesn't mean I have been lazy, oh no, on the contrary but everything has been a bit hectic since the new year started. So I will have to update our works on here bit by bit.Coming up will be a challenge we thought up because we weren't inspired by what was done in the other art groups this week so we decided to call this week's challenge : Salvador Dali.  I am so excited to see what the others are doing. For me this is a really hard one because his style is so different from what I normally do. I don't think I will master it. Well, I will post our results as soon as I have my sisters paintings. If you would like to join us, just post your take on Dali in the comment section or on our Facebook page. Sisters Art Lab.

Almost Christmas

Ach Gott jetzt ist schon fast wieder Weihnachten und ich hab so lange nichts gepostet aber es war auch einfach viel los in letzter Zeit. Also nehm ich einfach meine letzte Journal Seite. 
Oh God it's almost Christmas and I didn't blog in so long but there was so much happening recently, I don't even have a Christmas themed artwork to post so I just take my recent journal page. It's called jungle and I kind of like it... So Merry Christmas to you all.