Negative Emotions

Just to show you that not everything is yippie yeah here in paradise, I am uploading this page because I have my fair share of bad days and negative thoughts and feelings.
Art Journaling helps me to process these emotions.
This spread evolved from an old sketch that was in my journal for quite some time and that I hated because it was so poorly done and oozed with darkness.
I finally decided to rework the page and let out all my frustration on to the paper.
I added the quote and thought I should enter it into Art Journal Journey new challenge which is called poems and quotes, I think.

The quote reads: "Holding on to negative feelings and past circumstances is like placing a lock on your soul" Charles Glassman.


  1. Sehr schön, es ist immer gut wenn man die ganze Frust auf einem Blatt Papier verbannen kann! Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  2. Toll überarbeitet.. das macht SInn sich den Frust auszujournalen!
    Super dass Du wieder mit dabei bist bei Art Journal Journey!
    Danke für den tollen Beitrag!
    Einen schönen Ostersonntag wünsch ich noch!

  3. Painting and poems are very good way to help bad days. Yours is amazing!

  4. This is a great page and a wonderful way to address the bad side of life.


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