New Years Resolutions

2020 came so fast.

We are almost two weeks into the year already so I wanted to share with you my New Years' resolution.

For a long time now, I have entertained the idea of making a children's book from the stories my daughters and I made up when they were small.

It started out with this imaginary girl and evolved to a whole compilation of her shenanigans and we created not only her whole family but also half of the town she lives in.

The stories are funny, crazy and downright adorable and we had so much fun thinking them up.

I tried so many times to illustrate them in a childrens book style but gave up after one drawing.

Now I decided its is going to be a comic and I am determined to persevere this time.

I have the characters developed and the cover illustration is done.

I am proudly introducing to you

"Chaos to the power of three" ("Chaos hoch drei" in German)


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